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This is my Mercury Pocket Pen that easily fits into the breast pocket or notepad pen loop. This pen is designed to accept standard international cartridges as well as an included Kaweco Sport converter.

Material: corrl_creations (Bob Dupras) "Teal Agate"

NOTE: This pen can also be optionally delivered with a Schmidt Rollerball Option in 0.5 or 0.7 that takes standard International cartridges. Fountain Pen Technology / Cartridge-Rollerball-System - schmidttechnology.de

This option is a Rollerball section that is interchangeable with the Fountain Pen section. Addition of the Rollerball section when a Fountain Pen section has been ordered is $50.

  • 11mm cap threads
  • 120mm capped length
  • 111mm uncapped length 
  • Approximately 150mm posted
  • Uses Jovo #5 Nib Housing, Feed and Nib
  • Ships with converter
  • Priced with Jovo Nib (EF, F, M, B)