This is a collaboration pen between myself and another artisan material maker, Joe Fonseca. This material was designed to replicate the colors in a $100 bill to go along with my name and the money motif of my pens.

There are NOW 6 pens in this run as noted by the miniature playing cards (that is correct, the pens are not that large) :)

The pen videos are in order from Ace through 7. Select which pen at checkout in the notes.

#5 Sold

#6 Sold

#7 Sold


  • 15mm cap threads 
  • 140mm capped length 
  • 130mm uncapped length  
  • Includes Schmidt Converter 
  • Uses Bock #6 Nib Housing, Feed and Nib 
  • Priced with Nemosine (Bock housing)  Nib (EF, F, M, B)