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This was the first pen that I designed for my brand. I wanted to include something that expressed my love of The United States and the blessings of freedom that we enjoy. With my last name being Dollar I can also have a little fun with it and so chose "Walking Liberty", a very famous design by Adolph A. Weinman from 1916 that is still in use today on official Gold and Silver bullion coins

In Pen-Making circles the size of the pen is often measured by the "Cap Thread" size. What I wanted was a pen that filled my hand but because of modern materials and very little if no hardware would be extremely light.

The Liberty Pen measures approximately 140mm (5-½") Capped and 135mm uncapped. The weight is between 18 and 30 grams depending on the material. The pen is designed for either a Bock #6 nib or a #8 nib from Bock or Magna Carta.

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