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Some people prefer a slightly thinner pen and this model is designed with a 13mm cap thread which translates into an ~15.5,, cap outside diameter and ~12.6mm barrel with tapering to each end of a couple of millimeters.

Inspired by the infamous President Dwight D Eisenhower the 34th President of the United States. This bespoke pen can be offered with a variety of fountain pen nibs and includes a miniature Eisenhower Dollar in the finial.  

General Specifications:

  • 13mm cap threads
  • ~140mm (5 - 1/2") capped length
  • ~135mm (5-1/4") uncapped length 

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IKE Fountain Pen - Glacial Storm with clip

Material: Tailored Pen Company "Glacial Storm"    13mm cap threads  138 capped...

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