I know every pen maker hears the same things; 


"I have not used a fountain pen since I was in grade school" 

"I don't use pens at all anymore" 

"I prefer a ball point or a roller-ball" 


It is not surprising in this age of instant communications, social media and of course, email to wonder why someone would be interested in using a fountain pen, let alone making one. We have been conditioned to do what appears easiest and of course what is clearly faster means of digital communication but I will challenge you to consider whether email, texting and interaction only through short messaging to those you know and love is actually better. 


A challenge for the reader: 

Hand write a note to someone you love. Not a card from Walgreens or on lightweight copier paper placed in a business envelope but rather purchase some fine stationary with a simple plain envelope and actually write to them about anything. If there has been a tragedy in that person's life, pour out your heart and love in that letter, never-minding your spelling mistake. I can tell you from experience that while you may feel good for doing so, the recipient will be appreciative that you took the time and effort that so few today do and may pick that letter up from time to time in a way they would never revisit a text or email.  

  • Obtain a nice Fountain pen 

  • Purchase some different color inks 

  • Improve your handwriting, yes write in cursive 

  • Purchase more pens, one for every color :) 


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