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This extremely transportable pen is made from NYH Ebonite that has streaks of purple, red, teal. Ebonite has a very unique and warm feel and with this being a 11mm cap thread pen, similar in size to those from the golden age of fountain pens, it is easy to hold and use. 

The cap is postable if you prefer and the pen accepts standard International Cartridges, comes with a Schmidt converter or can be eye-droppered. You should use some silicon grease on the 9.0 x 0.75 pitch section threads.

NOTE: This pen can also be optionally delivered with a Schmidt Rollerball Option in 0.5 or 0.7 that takes standard International cartridges. Fountain Pen Technology / Cartridge-Rollerball-System - schmidttechnology.de

This comes as a Rollerball section that is interchangeable with the Fountain Pen section. Addition of the Rollerball section when a Fountain Pen section has been ordered is $50.

  • 11mm cap threads
  • 132mm capped length
  • 125mm uncapped length 
  • Approximately 160mm posted
  • Uses Jovo #5 Nib Housing, Feed and Nib
  • Ships with Schmidt converter
  • Priced with Bock Nib (EF, F, M, B)